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The Morvan



In the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan, you can enjoy the budding fruit trees and the many varieties of orchids which flower is everywhere in the wild.

A large part of woods are littered with wild hyacinths. It is the start of the music festivals.

Everywhere you will find beautiful walking paths and mountain bike routes.


There are a lot of activities, every weekend you can visit a “vide-grenier” or a ‘brocante’ (antiques).

Bibracte (near Autun) has a very nice museum where, inside as well as outside, you will be shown the origin of the Gaellic culture.

Also the “Maison du Parc” is open for visitors. Both places are interesting for children too.

You can visit many musical feasts and markets. Or you go to a concert at a castle or try the famous wines of Burgundy at one of the nearly cellars.

All information is available at the farm.

There are guided tours along winding brooks and if you feel like drawing or painting, it can be organized.


Trees change into red and yellow and the woods turn into a flaming picture.

Beautiful  lichens are attached to the branches and many mushrooms pop up.

A guide will show you the edible ones. They can be dried and taken home.


The festive seasing is about to begin. Ferme “Bouton de Rose” adapts to it in style.

You can go to church on Christmas Eve.

If you are lucky enough to have a white Christmas you have the possibility to go ski cross-country (“langlaufen”) on unprepared tracks.

The nearest alpine ski resorts are at a 2 hour driving distance.

Dijon, Beaune and Autun are beautifully lit . You can spend the holidays with your family and friends at the farm.

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